Friday, May 05, 2006

Gene Castigates Cowardly Fiends Radzik and Morgen

Gene Poole, former NonDualitySalon list moderator and Guru Ratings Forum writer has used hate bloggers Jody Radzik and Bruce Morgen of Guruphiliac as an example of how not to win friends and influence people.

Issuing a pre-emptive warning to ex- Sri Chinmoy devotee, Gary Falk, for provoking fights between list members, Poole speaks of the demise of Radzik who mistakenly believed that other list members would allow him to coldly lynch Rasa von Werder of The University Of Mother God Church.

Radzik had first posted his first shocking and unprovoked attack against Rasa, over one year ago, on May 2, 2005. Radzik, who claims to be embarrassed by his attacks on some teachers, including Isaac Shapiro, has since taken down the offending Guruphiliac webpage where he used the term "Porno Amma" thereby tarnishes the good name of Hindu saint Ammachi (Amritanandamayi, Mata), to whose breasts Radzik makes continuous unwarranted references, and Rasa. Rasa has clearly stated that she has never done porno even though her ministry led her to be the “Stripper for God” many years ago. Rasa has in fact been celibate for 20 years.

The news from Rasa that Radzik started his hostilities over one year ago reveals Radzik to be a liar. On Radzik’s race to get out from Sarlo’s Guru Rating Forum when members turned on him, Radzik claimed minor involvement in harassing Rasa and suggested was that the war had started in December 2005 not the actual 7 months earlier in May 2005. However, we revealed in “Bully Radzik’s Begs Rasa For A Truce” that Radzik wrote many more Guruphiliac pages against Rasa than he admits.

Poole continues his cautionary tale by labelling Bruce Morgen as Radzik’s “fiend and mentor”. Gene Poole’s most pointed revelation is that anti-guru fighters Jody Radzik and Bruce Morgen are actually cowards hiding out on their Guruphiliac list and refusing to allow anyone to discuss the “Rasa affair”. Oh, the shame of it all!

This is what Gene Poole wrote:
JodyR assumed that most GRaters were his 'natural allies' when he initiated his attacks upon Rasa, but the result has been anything but ideal for him.

Instead of acting as the successful leader of a lynch mob, JodyR found the noose
chasing his own neck. He now hides out in his own tightly moderated group, aided by his fiend and mentor BruceM, and will not allow any mention by anyone of his rash attacks upon Rasa.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Jody Radzik Sweats For His Secret Guru

The full article Guruphiliac Jody Radzik was so effective that Radzik responded by deleting pages and links from his guru-hate blog, Guruphiliac.

What follows is a summary:

Jody Radzik over-reacts to our promise to reveal his secret guru by threatening legal action, censoring blog readers, deleting reader’s comments and attacking a popular Indian saint.

Radzik responded immediately posting “Ad Hominem Happiness”. He later deleted the page thus breaking the link and removing the evidence.

Radzik’s secret guru is the inspiration for Radzik’s obsessive hate-and-libel campaign against all other gurus (who Radzik erroneously perceives as competition).

Radzik posted again - this time warning his readers that they would all be placed on “Comments Moderation” - in a vain bid to censor criticism.

Radzik is blamesg two brave guru supporters in an attempt to cover up the true extent of wide-scale unpopularity.

Radzik deceives his reader’s by listing our “Jody Radzik Occult Drugstore Blog” as “Rasa’s War pt II” in Guruphiliac’s sidebar: Several weeks later Radzik changes link title and then removes all critic links.

Radzik’s unreported alleged statutory rape of a 14 year old.

Cowardly bully Radzik has repeatedly targeted two of the least controversial mother figures of the modern guru world.

Radzik, so obsessed with homosexuality posts an off-topic advert for gay yoga in "Hot Nude Yoga Guru Gets Off " on his blog.

Radzik portrays late Hindu saint Ramakrishna as homosexual.

Radzik preventing all Guruphiliac visitors from posting because he fears that we might post a single guru-exposing link there!

Read the full article with links:

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Radzik’s War: Secret Guru Blamed

Jody Radzik’s guru-hate war is inspired by his love for a secret guru according to a stunning article over from our sister blog Guruphiliac Jody Radzik.

In Jody Radzik’s Unholy Guru War you will learn:

Jody Radzik wants to make money from his hate blog, Guruphiliac.

Cross-dresser Jody Radzik is deleting his online photographs including those of him in drag.

Libels from self-styled cult experts like Jody Radzik have killed people.

The meaning of Guru-philiac has roots in Jody Radzik’s involvement with a occult group invloved in using human bodily fluids, necrophilia and coprophilia .

Jody Radzik’s obsession with fouling words like “poop”, “poo” and “ass”.

More information on Radzik’s Gregorian Bivolaru libel.

Radzik’s guru will be exposed in Guruphiliac Jody Radzik Guruphiliac Jody Radzik.

Discover the shocking truth now: Jody Radzik’s Unholy Guru War

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Moving to

We are moving to the more appropriately named
Guruphiliac Jody Radzik

We appreciate the unstinting work of everyone involved in revealing the true motives of creator Jody Radzik.

See you over at

Friday, March 17, 2006

Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

The full post is now stored with our sister blog Guruphiliac Jody Radzik at this link Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

In this post you will discover:

How Radzik corrupted boring writer Douglas Rushkoff with drugs, raves and sex.

How Rushkoff recruited Sri Lankan Tilak Fernando to be a guru to the rave scene, had an affair with Tilak's wife and then ratetd him out in a press story.

Radzik continues his age old war Tilak, carries the text to "The Cult of Tilak" and wrote Will The Cult Of Tilak Rise Again?

Radzik worked overtime trying to promote Ecstasy as The Love Drug.

In his cyberpunk book "Cyberia", Rushkoff cast Radzik as a leading techno-shaman raising planetary consciousness by promoting drugs use.

About Radzik and the "great gurus" of the drugs-occult-clubbing scene: Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Genesis P-Orridge and Anton LeVey plus mass murderer and drugs guru Charles Manson.

Radzik was described by "Rolling Stone magazine as One of the [rave] crowd's resident gurus," (Source: Mark Dery).

Radzik marketed clothing to clubbers (he still does). But this was not good enough.

Radzik's unsupported libels of Tilak similar to Radzik’s unconscionable libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Why has Radzik not reported the statutory rape as he is legally obliged to do?

Radzik is busted!

Go to this link now: Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Radzik Libels Human Rights Victim Gregorian Bivolaru

Jody Radzik will do anything to try to make a Guru suffer even if that means framing him on false charges.

Radzik’s rationalization is that Gurus do not really suffer, and even if they do, he will happily torture them simply because it gives him a thrill. Radzik, who would like to get paid for his lies (like his "Master Rick Ross") is also just as content to torture for free like happy sadist Vic Vega in Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

However, the real reason why Jody Radzik attacks Gurus is plain old competitive jealousy. Radzik is the Lady Macbeth of the guru circuit. Radzik always wanted to be a Guru, but he never had what it takes. He is irritated by the existence of all Gurus simply because they remind him of what he could not be.

Swami G, a spiritual crisis support worker, supported Radzik through his many identity issues for free. Radzik repaid her kindness by viciously turning against like a wild dog. 6 years later, Radzik is still trying to bring her down using his standard weapon - defamation.

A “guru” is one who mercifully takes the suffering seeker from darkness to light. Clearly, the Guru fulfils a necessary role and should be honored and respected - not hounded. However, Radzik attacks Gurus simply because they exist, not because they do wrong. Radzik is morally ambivalent about wrong-doing.

If an innocent Guru is accused of doing wrong, then Radzik will happily print the accusation. However, even if a Guru is not accused of wrongdoing, then Radzik will happily falsify an accusation anyway.

We never hear of Radzik attacking drug dealers even though they kill people. Perversely, Radzik preaches that gurus are more dangerous than drugs.

This week Radzik celebrates the one year anniversary of his blog Guruphiliac. For thousands of guru followers around the world Radzik may as well be celebrating the Killing Fields of Pol Pot or the birthday of Stalin. If Radzik was a decent human-being then he would be making reparations for the wrongs which he has done to fill his blog with never-ending lies.

Take the case of Radzik’s cowardly libel against Romanian human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Professor Gregorian Bivolaru is the leader of a yoga school, the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute (MISA), which has over 40,000 peace-loving members in Romania alone. However, Gregorian Bivolaru has been subjected to extreme harassment by the Romanian police including bombing, burglary, false imprisonment and evidence-tampering.

Fortunately, Sweden awarded Bivolaru permanent political asylum and refused an extradition application from Romania. Because of the human rights issues surrounding the case Romania’s application to enter the EU may now be delayed.

Bivolaru’s case attracted supporters from within the human rights community. One would think that Radzik would have been sympathetic, but instead he was outraged.

Radzik was so upset that he went further than the Romanian judiciary who had already been exposed for corruption. Radzik added a charge of his own.

Radzik falsely accused Bivolaru of "trafficking in little boys.” He went further and claimed Bivolaru had been “busted” for it. Of course, naive Guruphiliac readers had absolutely no idea that Radzik was plain lying, and Radzik had no intention of telling his readers the truth.

Radzik is not even familiar with the case. He made a stupid mistake of writing that the leader of MISA was Gabriel Bivolaru, Gregorian Bivolaru’s politician half-brother! (It is worth considering whether Radzik was trying to obtain money or favor from the Romanian government for spreading these falsehoods.)
If Radzik ever starts to care about others then he can admit that he lied about Gregorian Bivolaru and print a retraction. However, honesty and fairness have never been Jody Radzik’s style.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jody Radzik’s Bid for Occult Supremacy

Sitting in the same underground nightclub where he used to party over 12 years ago, Jody Radzik is a very sad and lonely figure.

He is quick to tell you that he was once the leader of a race of super-intelligent kiddies who raised their IQ by taking a street-drug, MDMA. And he can show you a book written in 1994 to prove it.

Sadly, Radzik seems to be in denial, blissfully unaware of medical studies showing MDMA (Ecstasy) to be a drug which causes brain damage and sometimes kills.

"Cyberia" was an over-hyped Gen-X book penned by writer Douglas Rushkoff. It mainly appealed to lost youth who lacked direction but needed plausible excuses for living a drug-fuelled, fantasy-driven twilight existence.

In the book Radzik is portrayed as an angry young drugs activist who leads an ideological campaign against a rival group of anti-social psychedelic occultists, the Temple of Psychic Youth (TOPY). Understandably, Rushkoff deliberately omits boring details, like the fact, that these two supposedly opposed groups were comprised mainly of the same members.

Radzik was actually a cross-dressing member of TOPY, until stormed out in an angry pique of jealousy over the leader, Genesis P-Orridge (and band member of both Throbbing Gristle and Psychic-TV).

Genesis P-Orridge took cross-dressing to its natural, if albeit uncomfortable, limits and had a sex-change operation. Radzik, who always dreamed of being both “king and queen” of Cyberia felt usurped. (Radzik eventually joined - “The King Group”)

Rushkoff must have been aware of all this. Rushkoff was very close to P-Orridge - he wrote a book about him. They even played together: Rushkoff On Keyboards with Genesis Sporting New Mammarian Glands in Psychic TV MK III. Rushkoff blurred certain facts so as not to raise doubts about the sanity and credibility of his informants - and himself!

Certainly, if Rushkoff can be accused of using Radzik for his own purposes, then Radzik also used Rushkoff. It was a mutual if unholy alliance. Rushkoff, who had endured many hours of irrational druggie talks, desperately needed a character who could sound sort of intelligent. Whilst Radzik urgently needed a reason for continuing with his washed-up life. Radzik would happily supply nebulous profanities for Rushkoff teenage readership - if Rushkoff in turn would make him the leader of mythical Cyberia – the kingdom that never was. A deal was of sorts was struck - possible laced with sex and drugs but probably with nothing more than a yawn.

However, despite such a conspiracy of motivated parties, the book was a dramatic flop unless you are the sort of reader who gets easily shocked by words like “ass” – a Radzik favorite.

Rushkoff has Radzik stating "Kali has her fist up my ass up to her elbow and she loves every minute of it!" In case, you are wondering, Radzik was not joking but actually believes it happened. Suffice to say he was on Ecstasy and probably harder stuff at the time. "Kali" is the name of a Hindu goddess and Radzik hallucinated that she had married him.

Tonight’s clubbers seem to steer around Radzik, treating him as a pariah, as they would a lecherous old man or an alcoholic. Through the smoke I see a tear in Jody’s eye as through the mist he sees the Throne of Cyberia sitting empty.