Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Radzik Libels Human Rights Victim Gregorian Bivolaru

Jody Radzik will do anything to try to make a Guru suffer even if that means framing him on false charges.

Radzik’s rationalization is that Gurus do not really suffer, and even if they do, he will happily torture them simply because it gives him a thrill. Radzik, who would like to get paid for his lies (like his "Master Rick Ross") is also just as content to torture for free like happy sadist Vic Vega in Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

However, the real reason why Jody Radzik attacks Gurus is plain old competitive jealousy. Radzik is the Lady Macbeth of the guru circuit. Radzik always wanted to be a Guru, but he never had what it takes. He is irritated by the existence of all Gurus simply because they remind him of what he could not be.

Swami G, a spiritual crisis support worker, supported Radzik through his many identity issues for free. Radzik repaid her kindness by viciously turning against like a wild dog. 6 years later, Radzik is still trying to bring her down using his standard weapon - defamation.

A “guru” is one who mercifully takes the suffering seeker from darkness to light. Clearly, the Guru fulfils a necessary role and should be honored and respected - not hounded. However, Radzik attacks Gurus simply because they exist, not because they do wrong. Radzik is morally ambivalent about wrong-doing.

If an innocent Guru is accused of doing wrong, then Radzik will happily print the accusation. However, even if a Guru is not accused of wrongdoing, then Radzik will happily falsify an accusation anyway.

We never hear of Radzik attacking drug dealers even though they kill people. Perversely, Radzik preaches that gurus are more dangerous than drugs.

This week Radzik celebrates the one year anniversary of his blog Guruphiliac. For thousands of guru followers around the world Radzik may as well be celebrating the Killing Fields of Pol Pot or the birthday of Stalin. If Radzik was a decent human-being then he would be making reparations for the wrongs which he has done to fill his blog with never-ending lies.

Take the case of Radzik’s cowardly libel against Romanian human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Professor Gregorian Bivolaru is the leader of a yoga school, the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute (MISA), which has over 40,000 peace-loving members in Romania alone. However, Gregorian Bivolaru has been subjected to extreme harassment by the Romanian police including bombing, burglary, false imprisonment and evidence-tampering.

Fortunately, Sweden awarded Bivolaru permanent political asylum and refused an extradition application from Romania. Because of the human rights issues surrounding the case Romania’s application to enter the EU may now be delayed.

Bivolaru’s case attracted supporters from within the human rights community. One would think that Radzik would have been sympathetic, but instead he was outraged.

Radzik was so upset that he went further than the Romanian judiciary who had already been exposed for corruption. Radzik added a charge of his own.

Radzik falsely accused Bivolaru of "trafficking in little boys.” He went further and claimed Bivolaru had been “busted” for it. Of course, naive Guruphiliac readers had absolutely no idea that Radzik was plain lying, and Radzik had no intention of telling his readers the truth.

Radzik is not even familiar with the case. He made a stupid mistake of writing that the leader of MISA was Gabriel Bivolaru, Gregorian Bivolaru’s politician half-brother! (It is worth considering whether Radzik was trying to obtain money or favor from the Romanian government for spreading these falsehoods.)
If Radzik ever starts to care about others then he can admit that he lied about Gregorian Bivolaru and print a retraction. However, honesty and fairness have never been Jody Radzik’s style.


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