Friday, March 17, 2006

Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

The full post is now stored with our sister blog Guruphiliac Jody Radzik at this link Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid

In this post you will discover:

How Radzik corrupted boring writer Douglas Rushkoff with drugs, raves and sex.

How Rushkoff recruited Sri Lankan Tilak Fernando to be a guru to the rave scene, had an affair with Tilak's wife and then ratetd him out in a press story.

Radzik continues his age old war Tilak, carries the text to "The Cult of Tilak" and wrote Will The Cult Of Tilak Rise Again?

Radzik worked overtime trying to promote Ecstasy as The Love Drug.

In his cyberpunk book "Cyberia", Rushkoff cast Radzik as a leading techno-shaman raising planetary consciousness by promoting drugs use.

About Radzik and the "great gurus" of the drugs-occult-clubbing scene: Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Genesis P-Orridge and Anton LeVey plus mass murderer and drugs guru Charles Manson.

Radzik was described by "Rolling Stone magazine as One of the [rave] crowd's resident gurus," (Source: Mark Dery).

Radzik marketed clothing to clubbers (he still does). But this was not good enough.

Radzik's unsupported libels of Tilak similar to Radzik’s unconscionable libel of human rights victim Gregorian Bivolaru.

Why has Radzik not reported the statutory rape as he is legally obliged to do?

Radzik is busted!

Go to this link now: Radzik's Failed Sex & Drugs Guru Bid


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